To help ensure you reach your yoga + mobility goals, Zo has developed three distinct private lesson packages. Each themed package helps you achieve a specific goal: improved flexibility, enhanced balance, or yogic stress management tools. Opt to work with Zo over the course of five,10, or more sessions.

Flow Into Flexibility

Your body was made to reach, expand, contract, and move in a variety of ways. Yet, so many of us feel constricted, tight, and stiff. Most of us only have access to a fraction of our body’s range of motion. Increase your range of motion over the course of 5 or 10 personal sessions with Zo. She will assess your current range of motion, discuss your goals, and help you reach them! You’ll dive deep into where/what to stretch, stretching best practices, how fascia affects mobility, and much more.

Flow Into Better Balance

Feeling a bit unbalanced physically speaking? Feeling unbalanced leads to feeling unstable which can lead to injury and a variety of negative side effects in our lives. The great news is that you can Flow Into Better Balance with Zo! Over the course of 5 or 10 sessions, Zo will teach you the components of balance and how to strengthen your body’s balancing abilities through the practice of yoga! Whether you’re already a yoga practitioner or are brand new, Zo will help you take your balancing abilities to the next level. And who knows… increased physical balance may just lead to more balance in every aspect of your life!

Flow Past Stress

The demands of modern society are many and trying to balance them all can be stressful. Feeling stressed + anxious is increasingly common, and often manifests mentally, physically and spiritually. Stress gone un-managed for too long can lead to anxiety, depression, illness, physical discomfort, and more. There are many yogic tools to help release, combat, and prevent stress, and Zo will teach and guide through as many as needed over the course of 5-10 sessions!