Whether you can’t wait to experience Zo’s live personal expansion courses or to learn how to do a handstand, there’s almost always a workshop, event, or retreat happening!

Sacred Sensuality

Movement Medicine:

A Yoga + Burlesque Dance Experience

Sacred Sensuality

Saturday, June 29th 6-8 pm

A gathering for women to CELEBRATE, ACTIVATE, and HEAL their relationship with sensuality through movement. This two-hour play-shop brought to you by Zoë is a combination of burlesque, ballet, and yoga. Your experience includes: 

- An opening goddess circle

- Guided intuitive movement

- A sacred sensuality warm-up

- A *sensual* dance choreographed and taught by Zoë, designed for ANY movement experience “level.”

Ladies, this is an opportunity to dance, release self-judgment, and feel SEXY.

No prior experience necessary. Come solo or invite a friend.

$45 in advance $55 day-of

Location: Ginseng Yoga in South Park


Upside Down Academy @ MOMA in Tijuana


Saturday, June 8th 1-3 pm

Let’s explore the exciting world of inversions together! The journey of building strength and mobility in order to balance on your hands is exciting and filled with opportunities for introspection. Ultimately, the practice of inverting is really just the practice of choosing to be uncomfortable. It’s the practice of choosing courage over fear. Wherever you feel your physical practice may be, I invite you to this workshop to play, laugh, and discover new perspectives. Please call or text Zoë to book your spot 858-444-0009, or send an email: