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Fear. It comes in many shapes and sizes. It’s sneaky.

At times, it goes undetected and becomes a silent killer of dreams, of happiness.

In my opinion, fear is the #1 Vibrancy Blocker that can, over time, contribute to anxiety and poor mental/emotional health.

Fear can keep us STUCK in jobs, relationships, and situations that are not in our best interest.

Which is why I am THRILLED to present to you:

Fearless Living: On and Off the Yoga Mat

This is a four-session series designed for humans who are ready to start living with less fear and MORE courage.

This is a truly unique “course,” because we will be using our inversion practice (headstand + handstand) as the GATEWAY into our fears. As we strengthen our bodies for handstanding, we will be strengthening our spirits for fear-facing off the mat. Over the course of four sessions, we will be PRACTICING living courageously in ALL areas of life.

Are you ready?

No prior yoga or inversion experience is necessary.

What would it be like to live without being held back by your fears?

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Each session will be ½ yoga + inversion play and ½ personal expansion.

The topics and dates are as follows:

Session 1: Dissecting Fear (Monday, August 5th)

Session 2: Fear Detection (Monday, August 12th)

Session 3: Reconnecting to Your Inner Guide (Monday, August 19th)

Session 4: Courage Commitment (Monday, September 9th)

All from 6:30-8:30 pm

The Mission: To uncover how, where, and why fear shows up for you both on-and-off your yoga mat, and to implement tools to replace fear with courage + trust.

Does this sound like a supportive experience for your life?

Then there’s no time to waste! Your life currency is being spent and if you desire a high-quality life, fear gets to take a back seat.

This series is open to 6 people only, so please reserve your spot. 

Further Details

What you’ll receive:

Four in-studio workshops (two hours long)

Exercises to practice at home (what you do every day makes a WAY bigger difference than what you do once in a while)

Mid-week (halfway between sessions) group zoom call to check-in, report experiences, share fear wins, breakthroughs, handstand practice, guided courage meditation

Two private coaching calls with Zoë

Personal power mantra

… and so much more.

Where: 1510 Front Street (private studio space)

When: Monday evenings 6:45-8:45 pm on 8/5, 8/12, 8/19, 9/9

Early Bird (pay in full by July 24th): $300

After July 24th: $400



I was never confident in my decisions and struggled daily with unhappiness. Zoë helped me shift. I really got that everyone has fears and I can either let them stop me from being happy, or I can intentionally make changes when I know something isn’t working.

I was always been held back by fear and was stuck in a bad relationship and in a job that made me miserable. With Zoë’s coaching (and her homework challenges) I was able to flip the switch on the “I’m stuck” mindset and turn everything around. I ended my relationship and felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. I told my boss I was unhappy and instead of getting a bad reaction, she worked with me to interview for a new position within the company. I’m amazed by what was accomplished in these short weeks.

Zoë took the time to hear what each of us wanted out of the course both in our personal lives and in our yoga practices. She gave us each different things to work on. I made new friends in the process and I feel like a whole new person!”
— Jess (participated in January 2019)
The Fearless Living series was enlightening, encouraging and rewarding. The way Zoe combined asana practice with personal growth was incredible. Zoë created a safe, free of judgment environment in which she continuously invited us to get out of our comfort zones, challenge ourselves weekly to face fears, and come together to share and support each other with her gentle guidance.

As for the asana part, we practiced inversions and as someone who feared going upside down being able to do a headstand in the second class was remarkable and is a testament of how incredible of a yoga teacher Zoë is! She believes in her students and guides them with love and compassion, while simultaneously pushing their limits. Overall the series was challenging in the most beautiful way and I gained new asana skills as well as resources to live my life more courageously!
— Marta (participated in January 2019)