Meet Zoë



Aho. I’m Zoë, or Zo for short. I’m on a mission to help create a society filled with courageous humans who feel free to embody themselves authentically and live a life filled with choice and possibility.

I’m a dancer, yogi, yoga instructor, traveler, personal developer (who’s also always developing…), and more.

As you wander around my website, you’ll find a variety of tools designed to help you flow into existing as the most vibrant version of yourself. Whether that’s through taking my yoga classes, joining me around the world for an immersive retreat experience, or choosing to work with me one-on-one; it’s entirely up to you! The best way to get to know me is to come say hi in one of my yoga classes, where you can experience my energy and gift me your acquaintance! If you’re not quite ready for that yet, enjoy these facts below or find me on social media @flowwithzo.

Facts about Zoë:

Is often referred to as “Zo” for short

Born in Chicago, raised in St. Louis, MO

Currently resides + teaches in San Diego, CA, where she’s been since 2009

Graduated from San Diego State University with two degrees: Dance and Journalism

Classically trained in ballet (since age four)

Leads global yoga retreats, yoga teacher trainings, workshops, and more

Has visited 20 countries so far, and intends to visit many, many more!

Instructs yoga, aerial yoga, and meditation

Is the most passionate about people, her family, travel, personal growth, movement, rock climbing, the outdoors, reading, and learning